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Welcome to our Latest Version of the E-Learning Portal

Welcome to our Latest Version of the E-Learning Portal

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What is Oceanic Venture online training?

Oceanic Venture online training is a Learning Management System (LMS) used to provide a web site where students can download resource materials and interact with activities established by their courses' instructors.

Oceanic Venture online training Feature

Bulletin Board

It provide global access to course documents such as the syllabus, assignments, schedule, policies, handouts, hyperlinks, podcasts, and instructor's contact data.

Sharable and Reusable File System

This is handy for teachers as it releases them from reproducing course documents every time they teach a course.

Communications Systems

  • E-mail
  • chat
  • forums and more

Student Assessment System

It ultimately saves time, increases student motivation, and reduces the course's carbon footprint.

Advantages of using Oceanic Venture online training

  • Access Anytime Person can join the course using a computer with an internet connection.
  • Guaranteed Flow of Information To & From Students
  • Oceanic Venture online training lets you create an online forum to let students ask questions and seek clarifications from the class organizer or teachers on a 24×7 basis.
  • Efficient Handling of Assignments You can upload the course catalogs, class calendar, examination forms, payment details, and assignments on the Oceanic Venture online training LMS platform to permit students to view and download the same. You can effectively receive and store the assignments in your computer since all of them are submitted online by students within the prescribed time limit as set by you.
  • Comes with Privacy and Security Capabilities It provides the highest level of security and maintains strict privacy measures for all data and information captured and stored in its database. There is negligible chance of any student information getting divulged to any third party system.
  • Statistical Analysis Capabilities to Allow Teachers Assess Student Participation Oceanic Venture online training LMS allows teachers to generate reports online. All reports created can then be stored on the Oceanic Venture online training database as well as being instantly transferred on to your organization’s database, as required.
  • Makes teachers easy control the students’ grades and preparing lectures. It facilitates the collaborative learning in online courses.
  • It is flexible and gives the ability to customize the contents to meet your needs. For example, quizzes, activities and homework can be easily controlled online by specific time and date